Do you have a complaint about behavioural advertising?

If you have a complaint about behavioural advertising, there are several simple steps you need to take for us to help resolve the matter.

Step One

Does your complaint relate to the content of an advertisement? If so please visit the Advertising Standards Board.

If you have a complaint about the use and collection of your personal information or unwanted emails then visit the Australian Direct Marketing Association.

Step Two

If your complaint does not fit into Step One, select which company you would like to send a complaint to by clicking on the company logo on left-hand side of this page.

Assessment of your complaint will commence as quickly as possible to see whether or not it relates to behavioural advertising and the Australian Best Practice Guideline for Online Behavioural Advertising.

Step Three

If your complaint is not addressed by the company in question, you have the right to refer the matter to the Australian Digital Advertising Alliance for further review. At this point you may need to submit further information. Click here to email the ADAA regarding a matter relating to an unresolved complaint.