Why did I receive a certain Ad?

You received a particular ad, because it was especially selected for you, to create a more customised online experience. We call this Online Behavioural Advertising. This means a company has matched your online behaviour to the kinds of ads they deliver to you.


What are my Choices about receiving Ads like this?

You can click here to opt-out of ads that you see, which are delivered to you based on your online behaviour,

This does not mean that you will no longer receive ads when you are browsing online. It means that the advertising you see will not be tailored to your interests and online browsing behaviour, but only from the companies that have signed onto this site (see the companies listed at the bottom of this page).


How does an Opt-out work?

If you opt-out of receiving ads based on your online behaviour, it prevents the companies that provide an opt-out from using information they collect about you to serve you targeted ads or personalised content.

You will still see ads when online, but those ads will not be tailored to you – individually – based on your online behaviour.


What happens after I Opt-out?

After you opt-out of online behavioural advertising from a particular company it is important to remember that:

  • Opt-outs do not stop companies from showing you ads, they only stop companies from showing you targeted ads.
  • Opt-outs Do Not Remove Ads – If you opt-out you will continue to see online ads. You may even see online ads from companies from which you opted-out.
  • Opt-outs Do Not Prevent Data Collection: Companies can continue to collect data about your browsing activity after an opt-out – your opt-out only prevents them from using this data to serve you targeted ads or personalised content.
  • Opt-Outs Apply Only to a Single Browser: If you opt-out from personalised advertising on Google Chrome, this does not apply to all browsers. For example, you need to opt-out separately on Firefox or Explorer. Opt-outs only apply to your browser, not your computer or device.
  • Opt-outs can be erased by accident: Your opt-outs are recorded using cookies. (Cookies are small messages or signals that web servers pass to your web browser when you visit Internet sites.) So, remember, when you clear your cookies, you also erase your opt-outs.
  • You Do Not Disable all Ads: When you browse the internet and see a website, video, or app that uses advertising services by other companies not listed on this site’s opt-out preferences, you may still see personalised ads from those other companies.